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Top Rated Restaurants

When a restaurant on Critic is “Top Rated”, we consider it to be one of the best restaurants in the world. We designate this status to very select restaurants on the Critic platform. Top Rated restaurant pages display ribbons in place of stars, as they have achieved above a 5-star rating. Transcending this star rating, 1 Ribbon designates a High-Quality location, 2 Ribbons represent Excellent establishments, and 3 Ribbons are awarded to truly Exceptional restaurants.

We actively search for the top restaurants on our platform. Top Rated restaurants on our platform are determined by a panel of chefs, restauranteurs, and industry experts. Upon receiving this status, restaurants are given representative materials to display that they are Top Rated on Critic.

If you believe your restaurant qualifies for “Top Rated” status and we have not recognized you yet, please contact us here.

Top Rated: