Introducing Critic.

Critic is an all new way to share your experiences with food. By using Critic, you can create visual reviews of what you’re eating to post to Instagram and more. In addition to reviewing dishes, you can explore new restaurants and discover exclusive deals and promotions. Enjoy an all new way to share your experiences with food!

Visual Reviews

Share your
culinary finds.

Critic is an all new way to share your experiences with food and at restaurants. By using Critic, you can take a photo of the food you’re eating, add the dish name, tag the restaurant, give it a star rating, and the app creates a visual review image for you to share to Instagram and more. Ready to become a food critic? Download Critic today!

Explore and Discover

It’s like Google Maps
for food.

Reviewing restaurants is just the start. Critic also has some powerful tools to let you explore and discover new and great places to eat and experience. Using Critic’s explore section, you can find suggested restaurants near you, view the highest rated restaurants on Critic, explore by cuisine type, and more!

Restaurant Promotions

Exclusive discounts
and promos.

Unlike Yelp, we want restaurants to love Critic too! We are partnering with restaurants to offer users exclusive discounts and promotions (everybody loves a free appetizer). In turn, users go to our partner restaurants creating mutual benefits for everyone.

Critic Pro

Bite into our
premium features.

You can already do some awesome things with Critic by downloading it for free, but we offer even more features for users who upgrade to Critic Pro. For serious foodies who purchase Critic Pro (for $0.99), you have access to more cool features such as removing the “Reviewed with Critic” banner, and breaking your review down into Taste, Plating, and Atmosphere.